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ACS Investing (Pty) Ltd Disclaimer

ACS Investing (PTY) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP 50374).   The information contained in this communication is not intended to constitute provision of legal, tax, or other professional advice, it is strictly advice as governed by the FSCA and  has been compiled from information supplied to ACS Investing (PTY) Ltd by their client.  It is recommended that specialist advice be sought prior to entering into any financial solution or investment product in relation to legal, tax and professional matters.  Every effort has been made and special care has been taken to provide the best possible financial advice based on the information at hand, but many other factors can change the outcome of this advice, including but not limited to, client circumstances, legislation, market variables, economic climate, to name a few.  Any forecasting and projections made graphically or in images are based on historical data.  Future performance cannot be predicted based on past performance and as such the models an images should not be relied upon alone to make investment decisions.  ACS Investing (PTY) Ltd disclaims responsibility and legal liability (for both the client and any third party) for any loss, harm, or damage, however caused, resulting from the reliance on non FSCA regulated matters herein contained.

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